Group Fitness Classes & Training in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Combat Fit Sessions provides group training and fitness classes in a non-gym environment – offering all the fun and fitness that a gym would, minus all the scary and boring bits!

If you need help getting fit and losing weight, Combat Fit is the place for you.

Our group class sizes are kept way below 25 people, allowing our instructors to personalise the session to your needs and preferences; whether that’s by your fitness levels or simply by what you enjoy! So, if you’re a beginner or a fitness veteran, you will always feel at home and comfortable.

Our Inspiration

All of our group classes are inspired by martial arts training. This comes from our Founder, Dean Howard’s background in competitive karate.

Dean says ‘There’s a limited number of fitness classes in our area, especially ones that put the member first. My mission is to change that through Combat Fit Sessions.’

Our Locations

At the moment, Combat Fit has spread its wings across Staffordshire county in Uttoxeter, Tean, Cheadle and the surrounding areas of Stoke on Trent. You can visit and take part in our classes which our hosted at Gym & Tonic Uttoxeter, Freehay Village Hall in Cheadle and Greatwood Hall in Tean.

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Our Classes

Our Philosophy

Better Together

We believe that we are better together.

So, we’ve incorporated that into our classes. Although joining a fitness class may seem daunting, we are a friendly bunch that will become like a second family! We assure you that from the second you step foot into a Combat Fit group fitness training session, you will feel like part of that family.

Our Story
Our Philosophy

Why Combat Fit?

Most people are afraid of the gym and fitness classes tend to be the alternative option that people take. Although, most classes take place in gym environments, and if they don’t, you only have the choice of aerobic/dance classes which are female dominant and consist of the EXACT same workouts each week. These types of classes are only good for getting you results for a short period of time until you plateau.

Combat Fit Sessions however, is inspired by martial arts fitness training bringing back the fun in fitness including pad-work, circuits and core classes to keep you on your toes. Our classes are held in village halls and community centres, keeping the atmosphere friendly and removing all the scary bits.

Your Third Way to Fitness

We understand that people do not join a gym based on the quality of a treadmill and people do not join a fitness class based on the quality of the music. The reason people join the gym and/or join a fitness class is because of how well they are treated and made to feel in that environment. They are pushed, we all want to be pushed to be our best in the gym to get the results we all desire so much. Support is a massive importance to someone who is joining the gym or a fitness class. That’s why we offer the best support for you, our personal trainer Dean can give you all the support you need and more!

If you thrive in a welcoming, warm and exciting environment then this is the place for you, we want all to be comfortable and excited as they walk through the door to one of our amazing classes and we strive to give you the experience you desire! You will definitely make friends with our members! We all support and help each other in our classes and we form a close bond, so expect to part of a family when you join our team!

Why Combat Fit is Different

We ALWAYS keep our classes below 25 people for many reasons, we want you all to feel comfortable in our class, not crowded. This will help us give a more personal experience with our trainer and other members in the group to maximise results. Our ethos of ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ – we strive to implement this throughout all our classes to get the best results for every person.

You will never have two Combat Fit sessions the same, we keep it fresh, enjoyable and focused on improving your fitness!

What Are The Benefits Of Combat Fitness?

A lot of people head to the gym and spend a gentle hour on the treadmill or exercise bike. Then they wonder why they’re not getting the results they expected, get discouraged, and end up not going to the gym at all. With Combat Fitness you will burn more fat in less time, tone up your muscles and have fun while you do it!

A lot of us find ourselves struggling to maintain good fitness and physical health as we get older. Life gets busy, we feel more tired, and we end up putting on weight, losing muscle tone and losing our confidence. It can be a difficult cycle to get out of.

So, what’s the answer? Here at Combat Fitness our goal is to provide fitness classes where you can shred fat while having fun. Our founder, Dean Howard, has a background in competitive karate, and all the Combat Fitness classes have been designed around fitness for combat and martial arts. But what are the benefits to training in this way rather than spending your time trudging along on the treadmill?

Burn Calories And Lose Weight

The amount of calories you burn in a certain time doing a particular exercise depends on a few different things. Your fitness level, height, and weight all affect exactly how much fat you shred during exercise. But Combat Fitness classes are high intensity, full-body workouts, which means that you’re already guaranteed to burn more calories than with most other cardio activities.

‘I wanted to change my lifestyle, but low confidence and no motivation I never did anything about it. However I gave Combat Fit a go, and since starting I have lost 2 stone 9lbs, I’m now fitter and more confident in general allowing me to feel more comfortable in my own body.’


At a single Combat Fitness class you can burn up to 500 calories. That definitely qualifies it as an elite fat-shredding exercise. If you’re somebody who knows you’ve got a few pounds to spare, our CoreCardio classes are perfect for you. Sweat it out and shred the pounds in one of our intense sessions!

Gain Some Muscle Tone

Have you always wanted a six-pack? Perhaps you want more defined arms or a more ripped physique in general. In any case, our body combat fitness sessions have been designed to get your muscles working and tone you up! Our Pads & Circuit sessions use mixed martial arts drills to get you punching and kicking your way to fitness.

‘In the time I’ve been at Combat Fit my fitness levels have improved, I’ve had fun, toned up and lost 2 stone 8lbs! Going from a size 14 to a size 10! My energy levels have improved and my confidence has grown. Everyone is so supportive of each other and makes all the hard work fun and enjoyable.’


Compared to running and other cardiovascular exercises, body combat forces your body to use different muscle groups when exercising. Our sessions train both your upper and lower body, giving you a high intensity full body workout. Our Combat Fitness sessions could be the step you need to reach muscle definition and a ripped physique!

Build Confidence And Relieve Stress

Sometimes, we lose confidence in ourselves, which makes the thought of hitting the gym and working hard intimidating. Then we get out of shape. Sometimes, we get out of shape because life gets ahead of us. Then we lose confidence in ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle that’s difficult to get out of.

‘I have lost 1 stone and 6lbs since starting and seen results with my overall fitness and the best feeling is when others notice you have lost weight and look healthier. I feel more confident in myself and no longer shy away from photographs.’


Here at Combat Fitness, we aim to provide friendly and relaxed fitness sessions while giving you an opportunity to relieve some stress. Getting your head down with an intense body combat workout – while you’re having fun – can be just the right way of getting rid of those negative emotions. Not to mention the fact that after a few sessions you’ll start to see improvements in your physique, which will help you to feel better about yourself and give you a boost in confidence!

What Makes Combat Fitness Different?

We pride ourselves on being a third way to get fit. What does that mean? Well, most people go the gym either alone or with one or two other people and use the gym equipment themselves until they get bored. Other people hit the exercise classes and stand amongst 50 people throwing their bodies about to music they didn’t choose. Until they get bored. We’re the third option.

We give you a chance to come and exercise hard in a friendly environment with a personal touch. We want everybody who comes to a Combat Fitness session to feel comfortable and enthusiastic. You’ll almost certainly make friends with our current members because we all support each other in the common goal to get fit and stay healthy.

We keep all of our classes to below 25 people. This is because we want things to stay personal, with each person given enough time with the trainer. This is one of the reasons we form close bonds here at Combat Fitness, so expect to become part of the family when you join us for a session!

A lot of people get put off going to the gym because they find it intimidating. It’s certainly true that there are a lot of judgemental people at the gym and it’s not always the most welcoming environment. On the other hand, fitness classes can be impersonal and boring. That’s why Dean started Combat Fitness in 2016.

The aim is to provide group training with a difference. All of our classes are inspired by martial arts fitness training, thanks to Dean’s history with competitive karate. That means that we can keep you on your toes by mixing things up with our sessions. No two Combat Fitness sessions are ever the same!

We use a mix of core, cardio, pad work and circuit session, all specially chosen for each class. We switch things up to make sure you don’t get bored. Combat Fitness sessions will keep you coming back for more, because they’re fun, the people are great, and you’ll start seeing results within weeks!

If you’re interested in booking your first class with Combat Fitness, get in touch with us today. Find out how we can offer you a third, better way to get fit in Uttoxeter, Cheadle and Tean!

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