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Group Fitness Classes & Training in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Combat Fit Sessions provides group training and fitness classes in a non-gym environment - offering all the fun and fitness that a gym would, minus all the scary and boring bits!

If you need help getting fit and losing weight, Combat Fit is the place for you.

Our group class sizes are kept way below 25 people, allowing our instructors to personalise the session to your needs and preferences; whether that’s by your fitness levels or simply by what you enjoy! So, if you're a beginner or a fitness veteran, you will always feel at home and comfortable.

Our Inspiration

All of our group classes are inspired by martial arts training. This comes from our Founder, Dean Howard’s background in competitive karate. Dean says ‘There’s a limited number of fitness classes in our area, especially ones that put the member first. My mission is to change that through Combat Fit Sessions.'

Our Locations

At the moment, Combat Fit has spread its wings across Staffordshire county in Uttoxeter, Tean, Cheadle and the surrounding areas of Stoke on Trent. You can visit and take part in our classes which our hosted at Gym & Tonic Uttoxeter, Freehay Village Hall in Cheadle and Greatwood Hall in Tean.

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Combat Fit | Better Together

We believe that we are better together. So, we’ve incorporated that into our classes. Although joining a fitness class may seem daunting, we are a friendly bunch that will become like a second family! We assure you that from the second you step foot into a Combat Fit group fitness training session, you will feel like part of that family.

Pads & Circuit

Our Pads & Circuit fitness class is the class for you, if what keeps you motivated is variety and enjoyment. To ensure you never get bored and keep making progress, we rotate between padwork and circuit focused training sessions weekly. Our padwork sessions make you burn up to a whopping 500 calories by allowing you to punch and kick your way to fitness while feeling like a true champion. On the other hand, our circuit focused training will shock your muscles into motor and get your heart pumping.


Combat Fit’s CoreCardio class is designed to not only crush your core but your calories too. The cardio fitness class is made of the perfect balance and mixture of cardio and core exercises to help you get the body you desire. If you are looking to not only burn fat and get a great core but also to improve your fitness levels then the CoreCardio class is the one for you.

Why Combat Fit?

Most people are afraid of the gym and fitness classes tend to be the alternative option that people take. Although, most classes take place in gym environments, and if they don’t, you only have the choice of aerobic/dance classes which are female dominant and consist of the EXACT same workouts each week. These types of classes are only good for getting you results for a short period of time until you plateau.

Combat Fit Sessions however, is inspired by martial arts fitness training bringing back the fun in fitness including pad-work, circuits and core classes to keep you on your toes. Our classes are held in village halls and community centres, keeping the atmosphere friendly and removing all the scary bits.

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Combat Fit is Your THIRD Way To Get Fit

There are TWO paths people take when wanting to get fit:

  1. Join a gym and do it themselves
  2. Join a fitness class that has a large amount of people and dance around for 60 minutes.

We understand that people do not join a gym based on the quality of a treadmill and people do not join a fitness class based on the quality of the music.

People join a gym or a fitness class because of:

  • How well they are treated and made to feel
  • How well they are pushed
  • How well they are supported
  • The atmosphere they feel
  • The friendliness of the members

We're your THIRD way to fitness by:

  • Keeping our class sizes below 25 members
  • Providing you with a personal, professional and friendly experience
  • Providing an enjoyable session with a friendly atmosphere
  • Having the ethos of 'if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'
  • No two Combat Fit sessions are the same. This keeps our classes fresh, enjoyable and focused on improving your fitness
  • And more.

If you come to Combat Fit, expect to be a new member of our family.

Gym & Tonic, Uttoxeter

Freehay Village Hall, Cheadle

Greatwood Hall, Tean