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Different Ways To Track Your Fitness & Weight Loss

Standing on the scales every week or month can be daunting. The big problem with just stepping on the scales is that it doesn’t actually tell you how fit you are, just how much weight you’ve lost (Or gained).

  • Calorie Tracking 

Counting calories can be good or bad depending on your perspective. If you are losing weight and want to cap your calories using apps such as MyFitnessPal can help massively. You can set an amount of calories you want to have in a day, lets say 1800, input every bit of food and drink you have and when you reach your limit stop intaking calories, remember to spread your meals across the day so you aren’t Hungry at the end of the day!

  • Before and After 

Take pictures of yourself months apart. Doing this will help you see the physical progression throughout the time you desire, weeks, months or years. Of course this is private! This doesn’t have to be just physical, you can note down all your metrics like bicep size, leg size etc this can help you keep track of how much physical weight you are losing as-well.

  • Check Your Blood Pressure

It’s not the easiest or the most attractive way of checking your progress, but it is accurate. Even if the weight doesn’t budge, your blood pressure can decrease, which is a decrease in risk of cardiovascular disease and heart problems. Since your blood pressure is affected by nutrition, exercise and stress levels, it can give you a very good picture of your overall health.

  • Track Your Sleep

You can’t expect to workout and eat great but not recover from the workouts…sleep is essential in getting the results you desire. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to a number of health issues such as, respiratory issues and can also affect your body weight. Track how many hours you sleep and how well you slept, if you don’t sleep very well you can change things in your day to day life that will help with that.

  • Count Active Minutes

Or just track your steps. Doing this will give you an insight to how active you are being throughout the day. The best thing about tracking these things (you can track through various different wrist watches/fitbits) is that you can up the numbers weekly or daily. Be more active next week than you were this week, see what I mean?

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