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Pads and Circuits

Pads & Circuit sessions differ between padwork and circuit training on a weekly basis, making sure that you’re never bored and sessions are always enjoyable. Padwork sessions will focus on mixed martial art drills, allowing you to punch and kick your way to fitness, burning upto 500 calories, whilst releasing stress and feeling like a champ. Whereas the circuit training is a full-body fuelled workout that includes battle ropes, weights, slam balls and kettlebells. This weekly adaption of sessions will create muscle confusion, which means your body will never fall into routine; allowing maximum results to be achieved. This unique workout is perfect for anyone wanting to develop muscle and improve body shape.

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Core Cardio 

CoreCardio sessions will crush calories, make you sweat and give you an incredible core workout. A great addition to any workout! It combines cardio with abdominal exercises to burn fat, increase core strength and challenge your cardiovascular system so that you become capable of working out longer without getting tired. It will start with some light cardio followed by stretches, before moving onto the 30-minute high-intensity workout. You’ll crunch, plank and sit-up your way to leaner abs, constantly alternating between cardio exercises to keep your body active. This workout suits anyone who is wanting to burn fat from their waistline, lose some weight and improve fitness levels