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Combat Fit | Our Story

Combat Fit was created out of the passion for offering a variation of fitness classes in a non-gym environment.

Founded in 2016, it was the realisation of a vision that founder Dean Howard had, when he realised there wasn’t anything out there for people who want to get fit, but find the gym intimidating.

Founder Dean Howard says “The thought of going into a gym and feeling like you’re going to be judged can put most people off getting fit. Some people turn to fitness classes for motivation and guidance. But most fitness classes take place in studio’s or gyms and consist of large groups of people that choreograph the same exercise and movements weekly
All of our classes are inspired by martial arts fitness training. With a choice of Core, cardio, padwork and circuit classes, it’s likely we will keep you on your toes, help you lose weight and like most of our members… keep you coming back for more.

deanm showing how top do an exercise

No Two Sessions Are The Same

Every workout is different and designed to challenge you.We believe ‘consistency is key’ to gaining results and that’s ​why people make progress with Combat Fit.​

Small Class Sizes 

Keeping our class size below 25. Our instructors are able to personalise the session to suit your fitness levels, offering (easy/moderate/hard) versions of exercises. So whether you’re a beginner, or more experienced you will never feel left out.

teaching boxing
high five in gym class

Non-Gym Environment 

Regular classes are held in village halls or community centers, with a friendly bunch of people just wanting to get fit and lose weight. Expect a good laugh and a sweaty workout, with loads of help along the way.